Who We Are

The company is closely held by its founders who brought over 20 years of banking and financial services experience to the business. The EMR development team is resident in the U.S. and is made up of very experienced marketing, financial and mobile platform experts. Because of the nature of the business, EMR constantly monitor the platform to assure regulatory compliance in all area of the business. The company is headquartered in Valencia, California a northern suburb of Los Angeles County.


Our Programs

EMR has technically trained staff and certified in various areas of business activity such as Marketing Services, telephone sales of any product or service, applications for banking and financial services, information campaigns and elections, database updating, telephone and different product in which the telephone is the channel chosen for a more rapid and effective contact with your client or service user. In the-art technology center, our engineers apply the latest advances in science to make available to the operating areas, equipment and systems that are running online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in direct connection to the database customer information with absolute security and integrity.