Created to be the Best.

Our Corporation seeks to develop and implement financial and marketing services programs to a wide range of consumers within the U.S. and elsewhere to meet their overall financial needs through their mobile phone, tablet or PC interface, based upon private platform and related Contact Center capabilities.

Within the U.S., our company delivers its solutions to primarily service the 68 million people who are un-banked, under-banked or un-happily banked. This group, commonly referred to as the underserved population of the U.S., can access a bundle of necessary services and all kinds of products through secure transactions.

Our company offers the convenience of a low cost, multi-lingual bundle of integrated services to enable its users to pay them.  While our company was built to service the needs of the underserved population, the platform is quite flexible and has been adapted to deliver services to a large group of services companies.

Our system is also a global platform that can be used throughout the world as a payment solution with the same flexibility as is available in the U.S.   We work closely with different providers to deliver world class services and products; our management requires experienced professionals and we are fortunate to employ the best in the industry. Our solution is built around a redundant core platform that operates in the Oracle Cloud and is fully compliant with all regulatory agencies throughout the world. This platform was designed to be flexible so that it can be adapted to a wide range of products and services and it has proven to be quite popular in its primary targeted markets.


Management Team

Cesar Paz – CEO

Cesar Paz, brings an international leadership expertise in sales, marketing and technology innovation as a CEO of the holding group Latin Marketing Research Corporation, developing programs that allow his customers to interact with their highly competitive markets.  Before founding Evolution Marketing Research in 2018, our CEO Cesar R. Paz was involved in several start-ups and established companies, like Evolution Payment Systems in 2017, where he built a reputation for creating and designing programs that are in a lead position of the Latin America and Asia markets.  Cesar understands the choice of developers is crucial to the success of organizations of all ranges. He has a successful background delivering projects on-time and within budget as well as personal experience developing new technology for iOS and Android. His clients have included multinational institutions including Dalta Group in the Philippines, and other major groups in Latin America.   Also, he served as a VP of Business Development for Maxie Mobile Inc., working with different processor that implement all kind of card programs for different companies in the US and Latin America Market. Processors like IFS, one of the largest in US, EFS, I2C, BanX, Card Flex and another small processor. Mr. Paz represented Tyburn Group as a VP of Latin American, a globally recognized provider of card payment solutions, IT consultancy and related services, a leading innovator in debit card management systems and one of the first companies in the field to integrate card and mobile money solution for global distribution.  He worked for one of the pioneers in the prepaid card business, CardMarte Inc., serving as President for the Latin American Market. Mr. Paz came to the United States and he immediately found himself working for one of the largest printing corporations in America, Taylor Corporation. He held several positions in the administrative field, production area, and marketing support. In this company, he had the opportunity to develop a marketing plan for the expansion of the operation into the Latino market within the Los Angeles area. In 1993, went on to create and operate a company called Latino Marketing Consultants. He was the President and the Director of Marketing that used to study the consumer habits of Latinos. From this, he had the opportunity to introduce, develop and establish several Latin American products in the market. Here he established several brands in the Latino market. He would help to develop special relations with the Latin American communities to establish their products in the market.  Mr. Paz has been recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for his work and participation in building relations with the community of Los Angeles and Latin American countries. Mr. Paz was born and raised in Guatemala. He went to the San Carlos University in Guatemala to get his degree in Business Administration.




Rina V. Lorenzo

Rina is born and raised in Plaridel, Bulacan Philippines. She earned the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting as Cum Laude. After College, she was employed by a big manufacturing company to oversee their operation. At her young age, she decided to work overseas. She stayed in Rome, Italy for 71/2 years then she chooses to continue her journey in USA. She worked as an administrator of a big corporation for 7 years, until she established and manages her own business. She’s also an advocate of promoting protection and awareness for retirement, became active in Insurance Industry and builds the Golden Team under the Freedom Equity Group/VIP, and is now an Executive National Vice President. Seeing the condition of Overseas Filipino Workers gave her the passion to share them ideas on how to protect not just their family back home but primarily themselves who is the key to fulfill their goals and to ensure that their sacrifices of being away from home will be worthy and valued. Now with EMR Corporation, she is living the dream to make it all happen. The company is driven in turning obstacles into opportunities and builds them into something lasting and rewarding. Its programs are created to make a difference and educate the OFW’s and their family the value of their hard-earned money. It gives them opportunity to make extra income for their savings and build their own business by participating on the mission and opportunities EMR Corporation relentlessly wants to share.



VP of Technology


Frank Careccia


Frank is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in global, mid-sized and start-up companies where he has brought several wireless, enterprise level, and infrastructure applications to market.  Frank was VP of Engineering at Obopay where he delivered their first complete mobile payment platform and mobile client covering most of today’s popular Brew and J2ME phones. Frank has in-depth knowledge of mobile banking technology and the carrier and banking requirements for successful integration delivery. Frank has held executive level engineering positions at IPLocks Inc, Visto Corp, Inprise/Borland Corp, and BMC Software. In his role as CTO for Brandsoft, he delivered a large-scale implementation of the first Semantic Web software suite designed for large scale consumer interaction.  He joins Tyburn Group with a proven track record in building, managing, and mentoring geographically dispersed software development teams. During his career, Frank has consistently set the architectural vision over several emerging technologies. He has planned and delivered projects on time and within the allocated budget. Frank holds an MBA from Houston Baptist University, a BS in Systems Engineering and Operation Research from Polytechnic Institute of NY and has done advanced studies at Lehigh University.


PRINCIPAL ADVISOR, International Business Development


Ajay Parmar


Ajay is a seasoned Global Business Development veteran with a vast experience in multiple business verticals. Ajay is a highly accomplished professional with a 30-year track record of success in International Trade, Franchise Consultancy, New Business Development, Global Sales/Marketing, and Product Branding. After starting as Director International Trade with Sunclare India Pvt. ltd, (an Oberois family owned company) and after nine years, Ajay took up the next assignment as the Executive Vice President of “Franchise Asia”, an US-India Joint Venture that was the first Franchise Consultancy to provide franchise industry related services in India in early 90’s.  Later Ajay served as Executive Vice President, Wackenhut & Lancers India Ltd, (an Indo US JV) providing security services and solutions to corporate India. Ajay was also President and CEO of “Global Franchise Network” that was instrumental in opening the doors for many multinational franchises in India in mid 90s.

Currently Ajay is VP International Business Development of IWICS INC, which is poised to revolutionize the mobile wireless telecommunications industry with its unique Beyond 4G™ ODMA wireless technology. IWICS’ patented Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ (ODMA) technology offers high-speed wireless data access that works reliably in both fixed and mobile networks.  Ajay is also Managing Director of HARVARD SQUARE TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Inc., a late stage technology development company, that identifies technologies ready for market, wraps them in a business and marketing structure most suited to their opportunities, and brings them to market domestically and internationally. HSTP brings its wide and deep network of resources (financial, strategic, marketing, sales and technology transfer) to the challenge of maximizing the impact of the technology worldwide.

Before moving to Los Angeles, USA in 2001, Ajay previously resided and worked in India, the Middle East, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Australia. Ajay has a master’s degree in International Politics and is a credentialed corporate lawyer.






Edwin Solares

Mr. Solares has many years of experience in the Telecommunications Network Planning & Designing, working for AT&T Guatemala as a Managing Director, Mr. Solares is serving as a Vice President of Operations for Payless Card Solutions LLC based in Dallas, Texas in charge of Development of a Prepaid Debit Card Program for General Purchasing and Value-added services like Electronic Wallet, top up and ILD, in charge of developing the Elite Member Visa Prepaid card program.

Also he worked for the TIGO VISA CARD Program as a Business Case Development, Agreements with TIGO Companies in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras for Top up services, International Voice long Distance calls and International Remittances, AML Manual participation, Risk management Matrix, PCI Compliance completion (control Case Company), Transaction Monitoring for Fraud (ARM Insight), SMS alerts and interconnection (3ci company), Issuing Bank Agreement completion (CNB of Enid, Oklahoma and Sunrise Banks N.A.), Processing service Agreement signature and implementation (FS and i2c), Privacy Policy and Media/Social Media Management Policy.

Mr. Solares, was raised and studied in Guatemala, attended the San Carlos University to obtain his degree as an Electrical Engineer, works and lives from his base in Guatemala City. He has performed as a President for the Guild of Telecommunications Operators in the Industry Chamber of Guatemala, also serve as a Vice president of AACLA (Association of American Chambers of Latin America), as a President of AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala) and has been recognized with the award from AT&T Circle of Excellence in Miami, Florida.