Our Program


Our Applications are also a global platform that can be used throughout the world as a payment solution with the same flexibility as is available in the U.S.  It works closely with different providers to deliver world class services and products.

Our PROGRAM is composed of elements that offer great benefits to our worldwide customers.

This is for Filipinos, Mexicans, Central Americans and other ethnic groups who reside in the United States and be in contact with their relatives living in their countries of origin.


Description of the program:


In Philippines our system allows people to obtain great economic benefits for family members back home. Our EVOLUTION DISCOUNT CARD program provides the best solution to stay in touch with them and to answer the need of their families. This unique program enables Filipinos all over the world to create an opportunity to earn money through a proven duplicable system that our Team will be happy to teach everyone interested to take advantage of this program.


If you would like to participate in our program, please contact us via email at info@1evomr.com, or call us at the numbers below  and become a member of this extraordinary program and learn all the benefits and opportunities for you and your family.



For any question please call us:

In the USA at (888) 651-9444

In Philippines at +632 737-9194

Our professional team will be happy to assist and guide you to learn all these incredible services in the program for you and your loved ones.