Our Corporation seeks to develop and implement financial and marketing services programs to a wide range of consumers within the U.S. and elsewhere to meet their overall financial needs through their mobile phone, tablet or PC interface, based upon private platform and related Contact Center capabilities.

Within the U.S., our company delivers its solutions to primarily service the 68 million people who are un-banked, under-banked or un-happily banked. This group, commonly referred to as the underserved population of the U.S., can access a bundle of necessary services and all kinds of products through secure transactions.

Our company offers the convenience of a low cost, multi-lingual bundle of integrated services to enable its users to pay them.  While our company was built to service the needs of the underserved population, the platform is quite flexible and has been adapted to deliver services to a large group of services companies.

Our system is also a global platform that can be used throughout the world as a payment solution with the same flexibility as is available in the U.S.   We work closely with different providers to deliver world class services and products; our management requires experienced professionals and we are fortunate to employ the best in the industry. Our solution is built around a redundant core platform that operates in the Oracle Cloud and is fully compliant with all regulatory agencies throughout the world. This platform was designed to be flexible so that it can be adapted to a wide range of products and services and it has proven to be quite popular in its primary targeted markets.

Our team

Cesar Rolando Paz


Cesar Paz, brings an international leadership expertise in sales, marketing and technology innovation as a CEO of the holding…

Rina V. Lorenzo


Rina is born and raised in Plaridel, Bulacan Philippines. She earned the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration…

Aura Jasper Raguin

Administrative Assistant

Chief Technology Officer

planning and service strategy

Business Area and Business Applications

Jónathan Valdéz

Graphic Design Coordinator